March 2017 Newsletter

Dear Clients,

Before you do anything else can I please ask you to visit my Facebook page!? Would you be really kind and leave a comment about your visit to Corner House Therapies and if you could share my page or invite friends to like it too, I will be more than grateful! I am trying to keep up with social media and I’m just about keeping my head above water!! That’s why I have a fantastic website designer who has been working hard on a new website for me! It should be relaunched this month and has a completely new look and I am so pleased with how it’s looking. I will let you know on Facebook when it’s available to browse.

As I have turned yet another year older I continue to look at anti ageing treatments and products to delay that process on my skin! That’s why I wanted you all to see the benefits of micro current and the fantastic results it can have, as well as being a lovely treatment! My ‘INTRODUCTION TO MICRO CURRENT DAY’ has only one place left as I write this newsletter, so perfect for me to explain a little about it. Micro current is an electrical treatment with an immediate skin toning and firming effect. It sends tiny pulses directly to the belly of the muscle, each pulse mirrors the body’s own natural current, stimulating the skin’s biological energy to re-educate and strengthen muscle memory for significantly firmer, more defined facial contours. It also improves the production of collagen and elastin whilst also stimulating the micro circulation to help encourage healing and improve scarring, sun damage, pigmentation and blemishes. Usually you would have a course of treatments to receive the best result, but I also offer a one off treatment ideal to have before special occasions. This is called EXPRESS SKIN RENEWAL and is what I will be offering on Friday 10th March for a reduced price of £35. As it has been so popular I will extend this offer for the rest of March, so if you couldn’t get in that day you still have a chance!

Have you tried DERMAQUESTS PERFECTING PRIMER? As part of the ‘Advanced Therapy’ range this instantly smoothing and pore refining primer absorbs oil and leaves the skin soft with a velvety finish. It also adds longevity to make-up and gives a flawless finish. Pick up yours now and you will wonder how you ever lived without it!

And finally……….

Don’t forget Mothers Day is coming up on Sunday 26th March and I can help with the perfect gift! Vouchers for any amount or treatment are available so don’t delay and order yours today!

Best wishes, Polly x